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My Medication Philosophy

Medications can be very helpful for many psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and schizophrenia. Any medication, however, does have side effects, and it is important to take medication only when it is indicated. In my practice, this is reserved for those people who are significantly impaired by their mental illness, and psychotherapy is not doing enough to improve their school or work performance, or their relationships with friends and family. Before I make the decision to start medication, I conduct a thorough diagnostic evaluation that may include a physical exam, psychological testing, laboratory tests, other medical tests, and consultation with other medical specialists. After starting medication, I take special care to keep patients and family members informed about their medications as well as closely monitor them for any side effects.

It is difficult to say how long patients have to stay on their medication. Each person is unique and therefore may respond differently. In my experience, if a patient is doing well for a full 8-12 months into treatment, we can think about the possibility of tapering off medications. However, there are some conditions such as bipolar disorder or chronic schizophrenia where someone would benefit from taking medication for a longer period of time.



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